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Pittsburgh robotic toymaker Bossa Nova Concepts is creating a whole new relationship between technology and toys.

In bringing tech to tots, the company's founder, Sarjoun Skaff, CEO David Palmer and Business Strategist John Feghali, faced alternative approaches. One was to tailor the technology to connect with kids' recognized level of experience with mechanical toys, and then extend it. The other, which they chose instead, is to use the most advanced technology to engage the kids' instincts for play in a way that has never been done before--at least not with a manufactured toy.

In simplest terms, they have shifted the paradigm of play for kids by providing toys with life-like movements and appearance. The key feature is the toys move, walk and roll with the child without losing balance. That's no easy thing--even sometimes for real live creatures playing with a 10-year-old. 

Bossa Nova represents the most advanced understanding of computing and robotics coming out of Carnegie Mellon University. Behind it all, of course, is the extraordinary power of miniaturized electronics and the evolution of computer languages that provide most Furbys with more computing capacity than America used to send men to the moon.

In addition, the technology-focused business development infrastructure in Pittsburgh helped the Bossa Nova trio get their business on its feet. This included encouragement and targeted finance from the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Carnegie Mellon's Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation, and the business management and finance team at Innovation Works.

Bossa Nova Concepts
311 S. Craig Street, Suite 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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