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Neuro Kinetics in Pittsburgh is a world leader in an eye tracking technology that is giving medical professionals a whole new way to detect, diagnose and treat mild, traumatic brain injuries and more than 200 diseases and medical conditions.

The platform shows particular promise for the estimated 20 percent of soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq who suffer from mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of bomb blasts. NKI is collaborating with the military and helping medical professionals to improve patient outcomes by expanding the type of testing that can be conducted by a broader range of clinicians.

If that's not impressive enough, a new $1 million grant will address the early and more accurate diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, the result of long term diabetes.

All these developments translate to company growth, an increase of 43 percent for the past two years; in addition, military research collaborations continue to roll in. A Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse company, NKI employs 18.

"Our work with the military holds great promise," says J. Howison Schroeder, CEO & president. "America's wounded soldiers deserve the best care possible and we are proud to be playing a part to improve early and accurate diagnosis of brain injuries that can have life-long consequences for them."

"We believe that the eye is the portal to the brain," Schroeder adds. "Our I-Portal® technology enables a more precise and sensitive measurement of the reflexes and responses generated by parts of the brain to specific stimuli."

Defense Technology International, which serves the defense and military industry, recently named the medical device manufacturer a "company to watch" for its research into new methods of detecting traumatic brain injuries and mild trauma.

Writer: Debra Diamond Smit
Source: J. Howison Schroeder, John Buckman, NKI

Neuro Kinetics, Inc.
128 Gamma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
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