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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

Strip District: Companies

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Netronome is one of the fastest growing companies in Pittsburgh, with business growing in the last three years by 1,417 % and more than 100 employees.

144 Emeryville Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 16066


Once Flabeg is up and running, there will be no stopping the German maker of solar mirrors. The company is putting the finishing touches on its plant in Clinton and hiring 300 skilled workers this year.

2201 Sweeney Drive, Clinton Commerce Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15026


3011 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

All-Clad Metalcrafters

All-Clad Metalcrafters has been producing professional-quality cookware for chefs and gourmet cooks for more than three generations in its rolling mill in Canonsburg. Now a new line of five-ply bonded metal has customers clamoring for more, driving major growth. 

424 Morganza Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15317-5716


While changes are in the air for the healthcare industry, Highmark's innovative approach of offering retail services and creating sustainable initiatives are boosting consumer confidence and keeping the company growing.

Fifth Avenue Place, 120 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3099

Thorley Industries

Thorley Industries in the Strip District is a rocking success in the baby and small child equipment business, with cool, innovative products that are selling across the country so fast that the company can barely keep up.

40 24th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4656

6 Strip District Companies | Page:
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