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Named for the infamous Sicilian volcano, Etna is an independent borough which once housed the world's largest pipe-rolling mill and had a population of more than 7,000 in its single square mile.

Now, Etna seems to grow younger each year as more couples with small children like the mix of housing, reasonable tax rates and outstanding prices. They are drawn by Etna's community activities and especially the river trail, so popular it hosts everything from nature walks to woodsy nuptials. What's the allure here? A strong sense of community and belonging, yes, and a riverfront location that's hard to beat.

The 1 Freeport Road route between Downtown and Tarentum (with service to Waterworks) serves Etna along East Ohio Street. Additionally, the P13 Mt. Royal Flyer provides commuter service to Downtown Pittsburgh, and the 2 Mt. Royal route operates between Ross Park Mall and Downtown, serving Etna in between.




How to get connected to Pittsburgh

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What makes a teacher great? Ask the students.

These Pittsburgh kids provide some valuable lessons for teachers, from showing you really care to making learning more fun. Yo, Mrs. Jacquay, Mrs. Barsico and Ms. Saunders, we're talking to you!


Hear Me: Kids' voices ringing out

Giving kids a voice is what the Hear Me project is all about and now those youth voices can be heard all over Pittsburgh. From tin cans that you tip to hear stories to storyboxes, it's letting kids have a powerful say. And in some cases, it's already changing things for the better.
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Development News

  • 24/7 artist workspace to expand in Etna
    448 Studios, a community studio space in Etna where artists and musicians can practice their craft, is expanding to provide 20 more artist studios next month. 
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Innovation & Startups

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