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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo


Saint Josephs
Saint Josephs
Where can you nosh on homemade haluska, sing karaoke, savor pastachiotti and sip Peroni al fresco, or pick up a Howard Zinn tome? Or within a few blocks along a bustling business district people watch at a trendy coffeehouse, catch local bands, peruse contemporary art, and sample traditional European spaghetti ice cream?

Located just east of Downtown, Bloomfield boasts one of Pittsburgh's largest and most active business districts and is home to some 15,000 residents. The bustling community keeps long-time residents, tourists and new neighbors happy with its array of eateries, community celebrations, world-class health care, and host of neighborhood hot-spots.

With a central location, new mixed-use developments in the works and an authentic charm, Bloomfield has emerged as a magnet for college kids, hospital workers, grad students, recent immigrants, and young professionals alike. Embodying a mix of the deep-rooted, uprooted, young and old, and Pittsburgh born and bred and those new to town, Bloomfield is ready for its close-up.

Along Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield residents can pick up the 86 to Downtown, the Strip District and East Liberty, or 64 to Lawrenceville, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and the Waterfront. The 54 (formerly the 54C) also picks up along Liberty as well as Main Street, and provides service to the North Side, Strip District, Polish Hill, Oakland and the South Side. Along Friendship Avenue, the 87 runs between Downtown, the Strip and East Liberty, with alternating trips serving Morningside and Stanton Heights. The 88 serves the Penn Avenue Arts Corridor, from Downtown and the Strip to Bakery Square. For service to Oakland via the Bloomfield Bridge, riders can pick up the 93 Lawrenceville-Oakland along Main Street.


Bloomfield Features

Pop Filter Hot Pick: The Geek Art Green Innovators Festival

The fifth anniversary of the Geek Art Green Innovators Festival brings together arts and culture, tech, education and economic development for one weekend on Penn Avenue.

What's on your Pittsburgh bucket list?

There are so many wonderful things in Pittsburgh that have nothing to do with fries on a sandwich. Here's a short list of what repatriated Pittsburghers said they missed most about Steel City, and would be on their list of things to do should they ever leave again. Also, we want to know, what's on your Pittsburgh bucket list?

Impressions of Pittsburgh: what the arts delegates had to say about our city

Recently, 1000 or so arts delegates from around the country converged in Pittsburgh to meet and to experience our arts scene. When we kept hearing them gush (like the newly turned-on fountain) about our city, we asked some to go on record with their impressions. From the president of PBS to the Director of the Austin Ballet, here's what they had to say.

Cool rehabs of abandoned Pittsburgh churches

From the Church Brew Works, with its vats of Pipe Organ Ale and Celestial Gold, to Mr. Small's Funhouse, the creative reuse of old churches is evident in many ways, some heavenly. Read about five of the best right here in Pittsburgh.

What's next for The Pittsburgh Promise?

With a new infusion of funding and more evidence that it's working, The Pittsburgh Promise launches a new phase with the same outstanding promise to each city student who qualifies: $40,000 in college scholarships.
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