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Of all the charming neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Sewickley just might take the prize. With its New England-style Village, chockablock with mostly independent and interesting stores, this walkable community is downright idyllic. And it offers plenty in the way of amenities, from the gem of the Sweetwater Arts Center to a library that's the most active in the region to the Zen meditation center. Yes, it's a sweet spot to live, as any Villager would tell you. But it's also a great destination for visitors. Take it the splendid archiecture of the older homes to the scenic wonders that lie beyond the Village to the one-of-a-kind markets. This is one community that truly does have it all and it's more diverse than you might think.

The 14 Ohio Valley bus route picks up along Beaver Street, with service to the North Shore and Downtown Pittsburgh via Ohio River Boulevard. 21 Coraopolis serves several streets in Downtown Sewickley before crossing the Ohio River on its way to Downtown Pittsburgh.




The Pop City guide to French food and wine in Pittsburgh

From macarons in a rainbow of colors to dishes like savory lamb with black truffles, our writer explores the feast of French foods (and wines!) found here in Pittsburgh.


How to get connected to Pittsburgh

Want to meet more people and get better connected in your city? Here's an informal guide to get you started, from finding events you'll enjoy to networking to help your career and helpful tips along the way.


What makes a teacher great? Ask the students.

These Pittsburgh kids provide some valuable lessons for teachers, from showing you really care to making learning more fun. Yo, Mrs. Jacquay, Mrs. Barsico and Ms. Saunders, we're talking to you!


Best spots for wine in Pittsburgh

Oh, the places you can go when you want a great glass of wine! Our intrepid writer researched this story for months and happily submits the results, from the mainstay Carlton to the innovative Naked Grape in Sewickley and many in between.

12 Steps to Making Pittsburgh a National Energy Leader

The crisis is for real but the solutions are right at hand. Pittsburgh has turned the corner as a region that is better withstanding the down economy than many others. What's next for us? How about becoming a national leader in energy solutions? Turns out we have everything it takes. Here's the 12 Steps to making it happen.
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